PDPL Clarification Text

FMK AVIATION SAN. tic. ltd. Şti. as such, we respect the confidentiality of your personal data, attach importance to data security and this issue is one of the priorities of our company. Dec. For the purpose of processing and protecting these personal data, we adopt the principles of collecting, processing and protecting the personal data of our customers, potential customers, website users, employees, employee candidates, former employees of FMK AVIATION, interns, company shareholders, company officials, business partners, employees of the group company, visitors in accordance with the regulations provided for in the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.

For this reason, we recommend that you read this text carefully, which explains how we process your personal data, who we share it with and how you can exercise your rights.

All kinds of personal data belonging to all persons associated with FMK AVIATION, including people who benefit from our services, may be stored, stored, updated for certain clear and legitimate purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, provided that they comply with the rule of law and honesty, and may be processed within the framework of the legislation, as long as your relationship with our company lasts, and 3. it can be shared with people.

As FMK AVIATION, as defined in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, we determine the information we receive from you in the capacity of “Data Controller” within the scope of our relationship with you.


What is mentioned in this lighting text;

Personal Data : All kinds of information related to an identified or identifiable real person,

Processing of Personal Data: All kinds of operations performed on the data, such as obtaining, saving, storing, storing, changing, rearranging, disclosing, transferring, inheriting, making available, classifying or preventing the use of personal data by means that are fully or partially automatic or non-automatic, provided that they are part of any data recording system.

Explicit Consent : Refers to the consent related to a certain subject, based on being informed and explained by free will.

Cookies: These are small files that are saved on users’ computers or mobile devices and help store preferences and other information on the web pages they visit.

Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 “KVKK”: The Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, which entered into force through publication in the Official Gazette on April 7, 2016,

Institution : Personal Data Protection Authority

Board : Personal Data Protection Board,

Data Processor: A natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller based on the authority granted by the data controller,

Data Controller: The natural or legal person who determines the purposes and means of processing personal data and is responsible for the establishment and management of the data recording system,

Contact Person : The real person whose personal data is processed,

Contact Person : The person who provides contact with the institution and related persons. The contact person is not a representative of the Data Controller. The contact person is the person who does not have the authority to make transactions on behalf of the Data controller and to whom future requests from the Institution are communicated. (There is no evaluation authority for questions and requests from Data Owners, and only the contact provider is in the position.) refers to.


3.DATA CONTROLLER and Contact Person
Data Controller : 

FMK AVIATION SAN. tic. ltd. Şti.

Başkent OIZ, Başkent Boulevard No:14 Malıköy / Sincan – Ankara TURKEY

Phone : 0 (312) 395 94 47

E-mail: info@fmkhavacilik.com

Contact Person    :…………………………

Name: Surname:………………………….


E-mail: Phone:…………………..


Our customers, potential customers, website users, employees, employee candidates, former employees of FMK AVIATION, interns, company shareholders, company officials, business partners, group company employees, visitors and 3. we attach importance to the issue of securing, collecting, processing, transferring and destroying personal data related to individuals within the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, international conventions to which our country is a party, as well as relevant legislation, especially the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698.

Within this framework, your personal data that you share with us will be able to process in accordance with the 6698 KVKK, limited, relevant and measured with our activities and purposes, transfer, store, use for profiling and classify to third parties at home and abroad.

4.1 Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data
4 of the 6698 KVKK., 5. and 6. your personal data in accordance with the articles;

In cases clearly stipulated in the laws, in connection with the establishment or performance of the contract, in order to fulfill our legal obligations, necessarily for the establishment, use or protection of a right, for our legitimate interests, or provided that it has been made public by you (by the relevant persons), it may be processed with explicit consent, provided that there are no processing conditions. In addition, all your personal data are processed;

•In accordance with the law and the rule of honesty,
•Accurate and up-to-date,
•For certain clear and legitimate purposes,
•In connection with the purposes for which they are processed, limited and in moderation,
•They will be kept for the period stipulated in the relevant legislation or necessary for the purpose for which they are processed.
•Your personal data will be processed by our company for the following purposes without compromising our quality;
•Execution of occupational health and safety activities
•Planning and tracking of works carried out with business partners, dealers or suppliers
•Creation and execution of customer records
•Execution of customer relations and monitoring of corporate governance activities,
•Management and follow-up of customer requests and complaints,
•Ensuring Business Continuity,
•Follow-up of contract processes,
•Monitoring and execution of legal processes and communication processes with official institutions,
•Ensuring legal and commercial security Jul.
•Development and improvement of the services offered by our company,
•Determination and implementation of commercial and business strategies,
•Conducting Sunday research,
•Planning and organizing activities aimed at ensuring and/or increasing adherence to Products and Services,
•Maintaining business and operations,
•Execution of sales and purchase processes,
•Fulfillment of warranty obligation,
Setting up contractual processes such as sales, after-sales support with you as our customers, execution and follow-up of all necessary transactions, execution of contract processes and planning and execution of sales-related operational processes
Creation and updating of efficiency reports by obtaining information about customer-based developments
Planning and organizing activities aimed at ensuring and/or increasing adherence to Products and Services,

•Execution of company activities and procedures,
•Execution of finance and accounting transactions,
•Execution of financial, accounting and financial transactions, including billing activities related to sales, implementation of risk management,
•Execution of internal audit processes,
•Fulfillment of the obligation to notify the relevant / authorized public organizations,
•Execution of job and internship application and evaluation processes,
•Creation of a workplace personnel file and execution of on-the-job processes,
•Execution of Human Resources processes,
•Fulfillment of obligations arising from employment contracts and legislation for employees,
•Execution of Educational Activities,
•Execution of physical security processes,
•Planning of information security processes, creation and management of the infrastructure of information technologies,
•Performing risk management,
•For logging activities,

4.2 The Method of Collection of Your Personal Data and its Legal Reason
Your personal data may be collected verbally, in writing or electronically within the above-mentioned purposes and scope in the form of obtaining it by means that are fully or partially automatic or non-automatic, provided that they are part of any data recording system.

Within the framework of the activities of conducting commercial processes; contact forms, exhibition organizations, business cards, supplier information request forms, other commercial documents, pay information and documents, negotiable instruments, employee and trainee candidate application forms, resumes, electronic mail, IŞKUR and private employment agencies (Kariyer.net , etc. including), the parties providing the Headhunter service, the online website, Cookies/Cookies created by our own site, Tracking Cookies/Tracking Cookies created by third parties (e.g. Hotjar), site usage measurement systems (e.g. Google Analytics), various contracts, mobile applications, consumer complaint forms, our customers, suppliers, other 3. it is collected verbally, in writing or electronically by various methods, which can also be obtained from outside our company, including people.

We collect your personal data; KVKK art. 5/2–c – For the purpose of establishing a contract and fulfilling the requirements, KVKK art. 5/2-ç – To be able to fulfill our legal obligation, KVKK art. 5/2–f – We are processing within the framework of the legitimate interests of our company or with your explicit consent within the scope of the purposes mentioned above.

4.3 Transfer of Your Personal Data
Your personal data; By taking data security measures such as data storage, prevention of unauthorized access and prevention of unlawful processing, within the above-mentioned purposes, in accordance with the KVKK and the applicable legislation, to be responsible together with FMK AVIATION;