Our Policies

Information Security Policy

FMK Aerospace recognizes that corporate information is of paramount importance to both the company itself and its stakeholders. For this reason, the company has established a living and constantly evolving Information Security System.

FMK Aerospace, through the application of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard,  has ensured and safeguarded the existence, integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of all information in the coorparate inventory.

Through the application of the Information Security System, FMK Aerospace is committed to;

  • The continuity and continuous improvement of its processes with risk analysis,
  • Comply with laws and contractual terms with third parties,
  • Ensure that our own employees are also part of this system, and maximizing their effective participation in ISMS, promoting awareness and compliance with security requirements,
  • Minimizing incidents that result in information security breaches and using the lessons learned from these incidents as opportunities.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We will update our OHS policy according to the current conditions and developments, and adhere to the procedures stated below in order to continuously improve.

  • We consider human life as our most important value.
  • We are committed to acting in accordance with the applicable OHS laws, rules and other regulations of the country in which we conduct our business.
  • Creating a healthy and safe working environment is a fundamental principle for us.
  • We develop methods, create targets and management programs to build a sustainable OHS management system and continuously improve its performance.
  • We identify and evaluate OHS risks and take risk reduction measures to prevent occupational accidents and diseases.
  • We strive to create a safe work and life culture and raise awareness among our employees and suppliers.
  • We work with all our might to be an exemplary company with our OHS practices.

Quality Policy

FMK Aerospace’s, main goal is to provide services at a level of quality that exceed our customers’ expectations. To achieve this, we follow a quality policy that focuses on following;

  • Quality improvement is always encouraged.
  • Appropriate and qualified personnel are allocated for each service.
  • Scientific and technological developments are be followed and the necessary ones are applied.
  • Quality is given priority in the materials to be used.
  • Continuity of service quality is ensured by resolving potential problems as quickly as possible.
  • Environmental sustainability is taken into account when planning our service.

With the contributions of all our employees, we are preferred as a principled and honest company that complies with laws and regulations, and fulfills its commitments on time, as it has done until today.

Environmental Policy

FMK Aerospace’s, accepts the protection of the environment, continuous improvement, effective use of natural resources, full compliance with the law and prevention of pollution, reduction and separation of waste generated during its activities, especially at source, recycling and disposal using the most appropriate methods, as the basis of its environmental policy in all its activities.

Within the framework of this policy;

  • Organizing training activities to raise awareness of environmental protection among our employees, all third party companies and other stakeholders.
  • Use of appropriate technologies to control and minimize potential impacts on the environment,
  • In order to prevent environmental pollution, the company continuously improve its environmental performance by observing and complying with legal and international regulations and customer requirements,

We assume them and declare them to the public.