About Us


About Us

Quality in Industry, Innovation in Aviation

FMK Aerospace , established in 2021, continues its manufacturing activities for the aviation industry in its facilities with a 5000 m², indoor space in the Gölbaşı Karaoğlan region, with the aim of becoming one of the most important technology companies in Türkiye with its growing capital structure.

FMK Aerospace invests in a rapid growth model with the aim of becoming one of the most important technology producing companies in Türkiye with its growing capital structure. In this direction, FMK Aerospace, which has expanded its customer and product portfolio in a very short period of time, already indicates that it will be one of the shining companies of the future with its superior performance in the services offered .

FMK Aerospace continues its machine and spare parts production activities for the aviation industry,

according to the requirements of its customers, with modern machinery and 3D CMM measurement control systems.

By offering product design, engineering services, manufacturing and assembly capabilities that meet customer needs, FMK Aviation adheres to the principle of continuous improvement and will provide services to the leading companies both the domestic and international aviation industry by constantly keeping customer satisfaction in mind without sacrificing quality and business ethics.




Our most important asset is our HR, the importance of customer-oriented work and responsible behavior towards the timely delivery of orders.

Being Innovative

Continuously improving our technology, efficiency and performance, increasing the quality, reliability and competitive advantage of our products, to become a leader in the civil aviation industry both in Türkiye and the world.


In our culture, we have always focused on how we will do something, not what we will do. Our greatest goal is to maintain high standards of quality in every aspect of our work.


Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality, reliable and affordable products without sacrificing our experience, knowledge and technology by following the current developments and changes, without neglecting our core values such as business ethics, honesty and quality.